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At Aftermaths, we believe that all students have potential. We personalise our methods to get the best possible outcome from our students. With personalised explanations and methodologies, online or in person, we define the best lesson plan, case by case.

It is common knowledge that mathematics is one of the curricular units in which students have the most difficulties, and this often translates into a high failure rate. These difficulties with mathematics, if left unresolved, tend to worsen over the years – in mathematics, the foundations are fundamental. At Aftermaths, we help our students uncomplicate math. We promote learning that combines discipline with flexibility – always adapting our teaching methods, taking into account each student’s profile and starting point.

With personalised support from Aftermaths, your child will be one step closer to success at school.


Why Aftermaths?

  • Excellence in Service;
  • Focus on student development and evolution;
  • Lesson plans and study methods adapted to the needs of each student;
  • Availability (clarifications and queries by WhatsApp, if necessary);
  • Flexible scheduling (weekdays: 9h – 20h; Saturdays: 9h – 18h);
  • Tutoring in English or Portuguese;
  • Group tutoring;
  • Consistent and ongoing communication with students and their parents.

Our values

  • Personalisation/Adaptability: We understand and adapt to each student’s individuality. It is fundamental to obtain the best results.
  • Respect: Mutual respect should be the basis of all relationships. At Aftermaths, it is no different.
  • Passionate: Not everyone is passionate about maths. But there is nothing better than learning from teachers who are passionate about the subject they teach.
  • Excellence, ethics and transparency in everything we do, at all times. These values are paramount, and are present in every single interaction at Aftermaths.


“Gonçalo is great. He’s an excellent tutor, and his organisation and availability are outstanding. I highly recommend Aftermaths.”

Ana Patrícia Pimentel, 20/04/2020

“An attentive and dedicated tutor. My daughter has greatly improved her math grades.”


Mónica Feio, 23/01/2020

“Good study plan and excellent explanations of the subject! I definitely recommend Aftermaths”


Maria Ana Henriques, 04/06/2018

“Gonçalo is a dedicated and attentive tutor. His passion for mathematics is contagious! I am preparing for my maths exam and his methodologies always help me understand the subject more and more! Gonçalo wants the best for his students, and makes sure we reach our goals with the greatest and best possible success. He wants the best for his students and makes sure we reach our goals with the biggest and best success possible!”


Sofia Jesus, 28/05/2018

“A dedicated teacher, interested both in the subject (he really enjoys maths) and in the student’s abilities and potential. He organises the sessions well and programmes the lessons according to the school tests and scheduling. Definitely worth investing in these tutoring sessions!”









Marta Vidal Pinheiro, 23/01/2018

“When our son asks us for help because he doesn’t understand the concepts inherent to mathematics, present in everything in our daily lives, Prof. Gonçalo’s help has been an invaluable asset. I strongly recommend his maths tutoring, which motivates my son not to give up when confronted with the obstacles of this gradually more difficult subject. T. is motivated to learn and master the complex math concepts! Thank you, Prof. Gonçalo.”



Vera Vilaverde, 22/01/2018

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Meet the teacher

Gonçalo Cotta Guerra

Passionate about mathematics and about the learning process, Gonçalo is an experienced tutor. He is also a manager, economist, and entrepreneur. Gonçalo’s strengths are his mastery of new technologies, his relationship with students and their parents, his fluency in English, and his solid theoretical background.

Qualifications and experience:
  • Degree and Masters in Economics from ISEG (Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão da Universidade de Lisboa)
  • International MBA from The Lisboa MBA (a partnership between NOVA Business School, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, and MIT Sloan School of Management in Boston, USA)
  • Certificate in Pedagogical Skills
Over eight years of experience, split between teaching and working in the financial sector.


“The consistent and tutored study of mathematics contributes considerably to better performance, and reduces stress and insecurity – especially during exam season. It’s like going to the gym: you only see the results after a period of regular practice. Before you know it, you’re in shape. With hard work and dedication, there is no “impossible” in mathematics. The key is to diagnose each student’s specific challenges, and together work to solve them.”

Gonçalo Cotta Guerra – Tutor and Founder of Aftermaths



The tutoring

The pandemic and confinement have brought a new set of challenges for students. Because of this, we are more than never available for our students, be it online or in-person. At Aftermaths, you can choose between face-to-face tutoring sessions in an appropriate space (in our community centre), online classes (Skype), and clarifications/help via Whatsapp.

The sessions plan is designed according to the student’s needs:
  • Mathematics tutoring from grade 5 to high school
  • Preparation for tests and exams
  • Study guidance with regular evaluations and exams


IGCSE and AS & A Levels:

Grade 5th to 9th:

Grade 10th to 12th:
Mathematics A, Mathematics B and MACS (Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences).

Higher Education:
Course names may vary according to your university – please contact us for more information. Some examples of university courses related to mathematics: Calculus I, Calculus II, Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Econometrics, among others.

"Math never lies."

Albert Einstein


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